The appropriate shoe size is the precondition for an optimal comfort and soundness for your feet. Our size table might help you to choose the accurate shoe size. Please place your naked foot on a sheet of paper and draw the contour lines of your foot. Then measure the longest distance between your big toe and heel. Thanks to the enclosed table you can now find out which size fits you best. However, please consider that your shoe size might also depend on how the shoe model is cut and your individual preferences. The table has only a guidance purpose!

When buying BIRKENSTOCK® footwear, please ensure you are getting the correct length as well as the correct width. Getting the correct size will extend the life of your sandals tremendously and you’ll enjoy wearing them a lot more. You should have several millimetres of space in the heel and toe area. This small amount of extra room ensures the natural rolling motion of the foot without restrictions - just as if you were barefoot. Your toes and heel should not touch the rim of your sandals while standing in them.

You fill find your size in this table. Find the length while standing on the foot (measure from big toe to the heel). Please use this chart as general guideline to determine your size. Your exact size will ultimately depend on the structure of your individual foot. Please note that BIRKENSTOCK® footwear may not be suitable for children under 3 years old.

The Shoe-Size Conversion table will help you to convert your country specific size into European size which is used by BIRKENSTOCK®.